Farm breeding and boarding services

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Stallion Services

In 2017 we will have 2 QH stallions  and live foal guarantee. Besides Jessy, we do have some foals by a few outside stallions coming also in 2017. WE are really happy about our foals by Jessy  in 2015, 2016 and 2017 are fabulous!!! With  his great pedigrees to back  him up  and quality you cant go wrong with all that for your next choice to breed to your mare.

We will guarantee dilute color(palomino or buckskin) with Jessy and no more bay or sorrel foals.  If bred  a dun gene mare to him, you can possibly get a dunalino or dunskin, and if a roan mare, a buckskin roan or palomino roan. IF you breed  dilute mare, you will have a chance for a double dilute foal.  

Check out Smart Pep Boon, for services also, grullo roan available. See his own page on our website.


Takes the guessing out of breeding. WE offer discounts for mares who are proven show winners or producers.  Contract required for all mares.

WE are interested in leasing polish or reining bred performance arab mares preferably bay or black. WE are offering $100 off the stallion service for approved arabian mares who are of the like bloodlines and have show records or are own daughters of performance winners in reining, or produced of the same. 

 Jessy has a sale pending no fault of his own. he is one of a kind and has never let me down with his outstanding production, personality and temperment. I am hoping to keep a few of his foals from this or next year. Our program is taking a different direction to be declared soon.

Stallion breeding fees

$100.00 handling fee up front comes off  stallion service fee.

 stallion fee $400.00 (limited 2 mares per month)

boarding 2 weeks free for dry mares and sonogram included.(mare with foal not free)

board is $8 wet mare, $6 dry mare. If you bring your own feed, take off $2 off per day. Private stall paddock with shavings extra $3 per day.

All vet fees, farrier or emergency care, mare owner is responsible, not included in board or breeding fee. Breeding is March 1st to June 30th. Live cover only hand breeding, no shipped semen.

All mares must be 5 panel tested before breeding, to qualify for live foal guarantee, otherwise the contract will be null and void. A copy of the test must accompany paperwork, copy of mares papers  and signed contract with booking payment.

The association papers must be in the name of the person signed on the contract. Jessy is listed for breeding with the PAINT association.



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Jessys Hollywood Doc

SALE PENDING TO WISCONSIN! He leaves end of april beginning of may. Last foal crop in 2018!!

 2010 Perlino AQHA colt


( Hollywoodbomdiggity X Prescription Jessie)

sire is buckskin and dam is dunskin

breaking news!!! Tested homozygous for agouti and carries 1 red gene!!!! Jessy will never produce smokey black, but only buckskin or palomino.


Jessy has 3 Hall of Fame horses on his Papers, one triple crown winner NCHA, and 5 Hall of Fame off his papers. Combination of reining, cutting and speed on the bottom. Stands 15.1 hands now We are very excited about this stallion and what he will bring to our farm with his breeding and potential.  His first foals should be see in 2015!!

Hollywood Jac  86:
NRHA World Champion (1974 & 1975 Non-Pro)
Top Ten World Show (1974 Reining
Superior Performance (1974 Reining
NRHA $6,090
ROM Performance
NRHA $1 million sire
Hollywood Dun It:
NRHA LTE: $65,808.84
The 2nd All Time Leading Sire in National Reining Horse history.
Hollywood Dun It has broken every National Reining Horse Association siring record.
When the 2004 NRHA Futurity came to a close, his foals carried him past the $4 Million siring pinnacle.
Offspring Record:
Registered Foals: 1,178
Point Earners: 482
Points Earned: 10,638
Total Offspring Earnings: $5,438,583.80
Smart Chic O Lena
NRHA Hall of Fame, NRHA 10+ million dollar sire, NRCHA Million dollar sire.
Earner of $167,471 in cutting, reining and cowhorse events, and 65 AQHA points
1990 AQHA World Sr. Cutting Open Champion
1993 AQHA World Sr. Reining Open Champion
2004 NRHA World Champion
Reserve World Champion, NRHA Open
NCHA Super Stakes, 1989 3rd O Super Stakes, Top Ten.
Herda N/N

Docs Prescription:

NRHA money-earner, NCHA money-earner, Halter Point Earner, ROM Performance.
OFFSPRING: World Champion Offspring,
Reserve World Champion Offspring,
Superior Performance Offspring,
ROM Halter Offspring,
ROM Performance Offspring,
NRHA Money-earners,
NCHA Money-earners,
NSBA Money-earners,
NRCHA Money-earners.
Sire of Blue Boy Doc World Champion Sire and Shy Presription
full brother to Docs Hotrodder, Docs Lynx , Docs Cupcake
bottom side has running blood, Three bars, Clabber Bar, Barjo,

5 panel test: Hypp, Herda, PSSM1, MH negative.

gbed carrier:When a normal mare or stallion (GG) is bred to a carrier stallion or mare Gg), there is a 50% chance that the foal will be a carrier (Gg) and a 0% chance of an affected foal (gg): Figure 2 illustrates the pattern of inheritance for normal/carrier crosses.

We will not breed him to any GBED positive mares, and advise any mare owners to test negative for GBED before breeding. To avoid abortion or symptomatic foals who die, this is imperative. We will be testing our mares to be bred to him when the time comes to prevent this. GBED facts


Mare care information for the mare owner

Above one of our farm mares Rose pictured with her foal, and the condition we expect any mare to be in on arrival.  

  • boarding varies
  • contract required (make a request)
  • guaranteed live foal
  • guaranteed tobiano with Prince
  • veterinary services if necessary
  • any necessary expense for the health of any visiting mares, including medicine or shoer
  • dewormings and vaccinations if not done

discounts available to money earning or point earner mares, daughters of the same or champion sired, as well as multiple mares.


Mare breeding and boarding
 All mares must be in good health, and breeding condition, neg. coggins, current on vaccinations, deworming and hoof care. All must have negative culture before breeding. Can be done by a vet here or you can have your vet do it. Paperwork required to show test results. Any special care issues must be discussed in advance and may be extra charge for additional requirments. Barren aged mares are recommended to be given reproductive exam by an experience reproductive horse vet and have palpation, sonogram, culture and biopsy before breeding. There are no guarantees on aged barren mares who have not undergone these test for breeding soundness. All mares must be halter broke and tie, cannot have shoes on the hind feet by breeding or they will be pulled at the owners expense or may delay breeding because of the wait on a shoer. We do live cover only and hand breeding supervised to protect both mare and stallion. We guarantee our stallions fertile but if the mare has infection or fertility problem the stallion cannot be held responsible. We intend to get every mare in foal and mare owners need to be aware of other conditions that could effect breeding other than stallion fertility. WE have 100% conception so far on our farm due to stringent breeding methods and protocol. Best chance is young healthy mares who are not under stress and in breeding shape and checked clean on culture..would be a sure thing FYI(without considering hormonal problems).

Mare/horse boarding All hay and feed provided in this price. Vet charges for reproduction or other will be paid by mare owner in addition to stud fee and booking  charge. Ask for contract and care sheet before arrival must be read and agreed on before arrival.


mare care articles that are benefitial to read about for mare owners, and printable records on the second link. click on the link to read further, and if you are a mare owner I recommend you do your homework.